Need On-The-Go Electronics? There is a Vending Machine For That Too

For businesses looking to capitalize on the needs of busy travelers, whether they are traveling locally to run errands or conduct business, or going out of town, opting for a vending machine is a very lucrative idea. Not just any vending machine will do, but a vending machine that provides

Take Your Vending to New Heights with the New Alpine 5000 Elevator

When vending machine owners are seeking out the most productive ways to sell products to their customers, one unit that stands apart is the new Alpine 5000 Elevator. It has features not found in other merchandisers, like a new elevator that gently dispenses more types of beverages, fruits, dairy products,

Combo Vending Machine Solutions for Operators Entering the Industry

For individuals trying to break into the vending machine industry, deciding whether to invest in drink vending machines and/or snack vending machines often proves difficult.  Investing in two machines may not make financially sense for those just beginning. However, the combo vending machines from U-Select-It, a top vending machine manufacturer, offers exciting advantages. Capitalizing in a

The Downside of Colorado’s Legalized Marijuana Vending

Amendment 64 legalized recreational marijuana vending in Colorado starting January 1, 2014. Since then, the results have been mixed. Legalization opponents point out stories of marijuana slipping through the state’s borders, causing more stoned drivers in towns just outside the Colorado border. ER doctors say legalization has caused more children

Ban on Cigarette Vending Machines?

The United Kingdom Department of Health has employed a good number of anti-smoking strategies to help more people quit the unhealthy habit. A cigarette vending machine ban is the most recent attempt targeted specifically at preventing young people from illegally buying cigarettes. The idea is that children and teens have

Are e-Cigarette Vending Machines on the Rise?

Cigs are out and vapor is in, but do customers access e-cigarettes? One convenient way is with e-cigarette vending machines. In May 2014, Vaporin, Inc. – a marketer and distributor of e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids and e-hookah products – announced the company’s first ever vending machines made to conveniently distribute these

Can People Be Shamed into Eating Healthy?

What does it take to get people to make healthy food choices? Hackers and programmers in the UK think they’ve found the answer with a customized vending machine. Participants in a closed social media account receive a tweet every time a group member purchases a snack or beverage from the modified

The Multivend Revolution

When you are looking at vending machines for sale, you may feel frustrated because of the associated cost. Even if it will pay itself, the upfront costs can be daunting. This is especially true if you were hoping to offer both sodas and snacks. That is why you may be

Is Marijuana the Future of Cigarette Vending?

Can you imagine a future where your soda vending machine sits next to one that vends marijuana? As far-fetched as this scenario may have seemed even five years ago, changing laws and attitudes are making it more and more possible. In Colorado, there are already vending machines for sale that

Military Making Push for Healthy Vending Options

The vending machine industry is constantly changing, adapting to changes in society in order to best meet the needs of today’s customer. One of the more recent changes affecting snack vending machines is a growing emphasis on healthier food options, leading every vending machine manufacturer to start looking for ways

2014 NAMA OneShow

USelectIt recently participated in the 2014 NAMA OneShow. The NAMA OneShow provided a venue where vendors, operators and suppliers in the vending and refreshment industries could come together and learn from one another. The show was a resounding success, with over 4,300 attendees and over 500 operator companies represented, as

Low Interest Financing Options for Up and Coming Vending Entrepeneurs

A vending machine can be a lucrative business opportunity that requires minimal work and brings in substantial profits. If you are thinking about starting a vending machine business, here are some financing options to consider. The Bank – Your bank can be a source of vending machine financing. A personal

New Standards on Snacks and Beverages Offered in Schools

Along with Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary, First Lady Michelle Obama supports changes to school lunches and the items offered in snack vending machines. She’s always been an advocate for healthy nutrition and physical exercise, and new Smart Snacks in School standards fit perfectly with her stance

Cold and Frozen Vending Machines

If you have ever considered getting into the vending machine business, now is the perfect time for cold and frozen vending products and machines. As the warm weather arrives and temperatures rise all across the country, your opportunities for selling cold and frozen products will dramatically increase. Sodas, cold coffees,

The Calorie Count Regulation Calculator

Under new USDA rules, only certain healthy foods are allowed to be sold in vending machines on public school properties. The rules go into effect July 1, 2014 to give vending machine owners time to make sure that all of their offerings are compliant.  Not sure whether the products in

Is There a Future in eCigarette Vending?

eCigarettes have suddenly exploded in popularity. Many people who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes are trying the electronic options instead, considering this a healthier way to get their nicotine dose. Is there a potential for those who currently have a cigarette vending machine to switch over to this new

The Convenience of Cigarette Vending

An old product that used to be popular in the vending industry is making its way back into mainstream sales. Cigarettes, are sold in gas stations nationwide and in cigarette vending machines. They are becoming an increasingly popular item for many vending machine manufacturers and business entrepreneurs. Read below to learn

New 2014 Vending Machines

From burrito vending in California to machines that dispense bike parts in New York City to healthy vending solutions at schools across the country, vending is blossoming this year, breaking out of its traditional role of snack and drink vending machines to explore new frontiers. Wide acceptance of custom machines