Our Vending Solutions Customers

At USI, we feel as if we are a partner with our customers.

Mike Bunt

Buffalo Rock Company

“I’m thankful for U-Select-It being a partner, not a supplier because we look for partners when we make a decision of who we are going to do business with. It’s easy to find suppliers, but I want a partner that I know when things are going good they are there and when things are not going good they are there. The Wittern Group has been that partner.”

Nicky Gacos

President, National Association of Blind Merchants

“We just love the equipment in every way – reliability, service, and everything that U-Select-It brings to you. What we really like is the partnership we have and the team of knowledge they bring. U-Select-It has outstanding machines, they have great service and lastly, you are not just buying a machine you’re getting a partnership.”

Marc Whitener

Refreshment Services

“I think The Wittern Group has always been a visionary type company. They have always supported change and embraced change, not fearing it and encouraging their customers to the same. The Wittern team has done a really good job of thinking about not just about where the industry is today but where the industry is going to be and what it is going to become.”